Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky's Premier Botanical Preservation Artist

Midnight Dahlia Studio is the go-to botanical preservation artist in the area and beyond! Blooms are professionally preserved and can be set in a wide variety of options, from a large shadow box to a lovely simple ring holder.

We are not a big-box preservation company looking to put your flowers on a shelf until we get around to them. Midnight Dahlia Studio is a one-woman show with the passion and knowledge for floral artistry!

What's the process?

  1. Select the pieces you want to order and place your order either through the online store or through contacting us directly.
  2. Drop your flowers off in person in Clarksville or ship them (coming soon!) with our shipping kit that you can either DIY or have us mail to you overnight.
  3. Let us work our magic processing, preserving, pressing, and making your beautiful pieces.
  4. Recieve your stunning keepsakes in 6 months or less.

Needing some guidance? Contact us to get all the help you need!

We are more than happy to help work with your dreams and your budget to make your preservation special for you!